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Introduction to Mi Nutro Di Vita Association:


June 2, 2018: 3rd World Eating Disorders Day

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7th "Lilac Ribbon" Day - Italian National Day against Eating Disorders, March 15th


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On the occasion of the 7th Lilac Ribbon Day, this year we want to create a network of solidarity, to torn into pieces the cone of silence behind which Eating Disorders are hidden. A network ideally joining us from north to south, from east to west, of Italy and foreign countries around the world, in the name of the Lilac Ribbon.

After the encounter of many lilac ribbons from different parts of Italy came the idea of taking photo-postcards in the places where our Lilac Ribbon becomes a witness of hope, of the possibility of fighting together, #alltogether, against these diseases and to restore confidence to those fighting against this pain every day. For this reason, we are collecting your shots from any countries, the pictures by all those who want to make Italy and the world lilac.

We invite you to take a picture of your lilac ribbon in your country: your lilac postcard, either at the seaside or at the mountains, from the lake or the countryside, in front of a monument, in a square or in your favourite corner of the world… and send it via private message to "Coloriamocidililla" Facebook page, or to the official email address of the Lilac Ribbon Day (coloriamocidililla@gmail.com), including the name of the place you are writing from.

All your pictures will be published online in the following weeks and then collected in a patchwork of postcards from Italy and abroad on the Lilac Ribbon Day (March 15th).

 Many life stories are joined in a single symbol, that of the Lilac Ribbon, in a lilac heart beating as one. This unity is our strength, it's the strength nourishing our commitment to raise awareness in those who still don't know these illness about the major causes and the devastating effects that Eating Disorders determine in the individual and his/her family, to give hope, as this pain can come to an end!

ATTACK TO THE BODY: News Report on Eating Disorders
RaiUno Channel - 'Speciale Tg1' (May 27th 2017)

Mi Nutro Di Vita supports the III World Eating Disorders Day - June 2, 2018

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Conference at the Istituto Superiore della Sanità in Rome - October 14, 2016

                                                                Mr Stefano Tavilla (Mi Nutro Di Vita President)

Eating Disorders Support Group
in Pieve Ligure (Genoa, Italy)


CONTACT US : minutrodivitalilla@gmail.com

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